Searching for Baxtor...

You gathered the corpse of the shadow choker from the warehouse and stored it in a city guard jail cell, much to the annoyance of the guards themselves. Roku and Angelo scoured the city to find experts in the fields of shadow creatures and necromancy. You ended up at a branch of the Lycaeum, where you met Vydar and Adian. They helped you identify the shadow choker and the skiurids that you fought earlier. Adian mentioned that it is very very odd that the skiruids did not complete the extraction of the life-force of the victims.

Vydar asked you to bring him to the houses of Abrielle and Namalia – which you did – and then performed some strange ritual that suffused the life-force from the soul nuggets back into the two little girls. The parents, overjoyed, then scraped together eveything they could to give your group a Wand of Cure Light Wounds. Their hope is that the wand will allow you to help other as you helped them.

When you questioned Namia, she told you that the last thing she remembers is playing with another child named Baxtor. She tells you where Baxtor lives, but when you arrive there a man named Kadia answered.



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